Mayor Candidacy Letter July 26, 2023

Statement respecting the contributors to Mount Gilead's success thus far as I find myself in competition against three prominent families: McRae, Patterson, and Poplin.

7/26/20231 min read

Joseph Valenti For Mt. Gilead Mayor

“Building a Stronger Mount Gilead, Together”

2763 NC Hwy 731 east

Mount Gilead NC 27360

(914) 309-7718

RE: Mayor Candidate Message #2

July 26, 2023

Dear Fellow Residents,

I am Joseph Valenti, running for Mayor in our close-knit town of about 1174 residents.

I find myself in competition against three prominent families: McRae, Patterson, and Poplin.

It's a humbling experience, and I'm truly honored to be in-the-running alongside them.

If interested in getting to know me better, you’ll discover several key aspects about my candidacy:

1. I wholeheartedly acknowledge and appreciate the contributions made by my colleagues’ families, and other families like the Jordan’s, to our town and its residents throughout history and even today. I hold nothing but admiration for their effort, success, dedication, and generosity.

2. I am committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders, including residents, local businesses, and others, to achieve tangible results that benefit everyone.

3. I am eager to become part of existing programs that contribute to the town's progress, supporting local businesses and enhancing the lives of each resident.

4. As a responsive candidate, I am always available to listen to the concerns and opinions of any resident or visitor who wishes to engage in meaningful conversation.

5. While I am focused on Mount Gilead's development, I will prioritize the welfare of major companies in the area that have been instrumental in building and supporting our town.

6. I am excited about the prospect of working in partnership with the Town’s major companies to help them achieve their goals, should they require any assistance.

7. My campaign is built on innovative ideas based upon the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, and is driven by Town Unity and Compassion Toward Thy Neighbor.

8. I have the energy and passion to implement positive changes that benefit our entire community and I’ll be adding draft plans to each initiative on my website as the weeks go by.

9. If entrusted with the privilege of serving the people of Mount Gilead through their votes in this election, I will work closely with my colleagues to see all our initiatives implemented.

Thank you for considering me as your next Mayor of Mt. Gilead NC.

Joseph Valenti

“Building a Stronger Mount Gilead, Together”