1. Town Beautification Program: If elected Mayor I will work with commissioners and the town manager to add to staff duties the responsibility for maintaining the beauty of the town - repairing sidewalks, adding lights in areas, removing junk from the side of the main roads.

  2. The bus stop on route 109 is dangerous because the bus must stop is on the edge of the road and other auto’s go flying by the bus while dropping off or picking up kids. If elected Mayor I will work with the DOT, Montgomery county (commissioners and dot), to cut out the curb and part of the sidewalk to create a bus pull-in-out half-moon to make it safer for our kids to ride the bus.

  3. The Town's sidewalks in a few areas need repair.
    I will coordinate the immediate repair of broken sidewalks and the pressure washing of the those not broken. I've discussed my plan with the Town Manager Dylan Haman and we, as residents of mount gilead, have the right to repair any sidewalk we'd like to but to make sure we coordinate with the town. So, before we clean or replace/repair any sidewalk we'll coordinate with the town a week or so in advance. We're going to take care of a portion of the sidewalk as soon as we get a few volunteers.

  4. install a new diving board at the Stanbach Town Park pool.
    I will ensure a new dive board is ordered and installed prior to the pool opening.

  5. Add Overhead Lighting to the Dark Roads Around Town.


  1. If you're reading this, and want to join the Beautify Mount Gilead team and be a staff member who coordinates the beautification of mount gilead with other groups, the town government, and businesses, give me a shout out.

  2. I will be contacting everyone including the GSC, The Civitan Club, the concerned citizens, and the FB page/groups, to recruit persons who are interested in beautifying the town.