Mayor Candidacy July 21, 2023

Joseph Valenti Mt. Gilead Mayor Candidacy Intro

Joseph Valenti

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Joseph Valenti For Mt. Gilead Mayor
2763 NC HWY 731 EAST

Mount Gilead NC 27360

(914) 309-7718

July 21, 2023

Dear Residents of Mount Gilead NC,

As we come together to elect our new Mayor and 2 Commissioners, it is a pivotal moment to envision the future of our cherished town and its people.

This election grants us a wonderful opportunity to choose a leader who will prioritize our needs, foster growth, and ensure a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

Our mission is clear: to make Mount Gilead an even better place to live, work, and raise our families. We need a Mayor and Commissioners who deeply understand our unique challenges and opportunities and who will tirelessly address them.

Your vote holds the power to shape our town's development, from supporting local businesses to enhancing infrastructure while preserving the natural beauty of our area.

I am running for Mayor because I genuinely care for this town and its people. I see challenges that require solutions, and I am confident that I can help overcome them.

Together, we can rebuild the love, unity, and compassion within our community that may have waned over time. By improving local services, creating economic opportunities, and ensuring safety, we can establish a thriving environment for everyone.

Your support in this election is paramount as we work hand in hand to ensure the unity, growth, and future prosperity of Mount Gilead.

Your vote matters, and collectively, we can truly make a difference in shaping our town's destiny.

I humbly ask for your consideration to be your next Mayor.

For more information about my candidacy and the initiatives I propose, please visit Http://, which we’ll update weekly.

If you find alignment with my vision, I kindly request your support by selecting me as your Mayor on November 07, 2023.

Thank you for being a part of this journey as we "Build a Stronger Mount Gilead, Together."


Joseph Valenti

Candidate for Mount Gilead Mayor

2023 Election