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RE: Lifting Single Mothers Out Of Poverty

Draft 2

August 16, 2023

Lifting a single mother out of poverty involves a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of life.

Collaborative efforts from governments, nonprofits, businesses, and communities are essential to effectively lift single mothers out of poverty.

Since everyone’s situation is unique, we’ll need learn and improve as we go to yield the best results.

Here are several ways that we can help:

1. Education and Skill Development: Encouraging the single mother to pursue education and skill development will greatly enhance her employability and earning potential. Scholarships, grants, and vocational training programs can assist in this process. To that end, I’ve contacted a few charities and government organizations to see what might be available to our town.

2. Employment Opportunities: Providing access to stable and well-paying job opportunities is crucial. Creating job training programs, networking events, and job placement services can help single mothers secure employment that matches their skills and aspirations. We'll develop a community education program at the Highland Community Center, and we'll attract mentors from town to come and teach trade skills like plumbing, carpentry, electric, heat ventilation and a/c, Auto Mechanic, CPR, etc. to youths and adults.

2. Holding a regular picnic / bbq with sports and play-time for the kids, while parents network and meet new friends, could help single moms find new and better jobs and careers as well as new friends.

3. Affordable Childcare: Lack of affordable childcare often limits single parents' ability to work or pursue education. Subsidized or low-cost childcare options enable parents to engage in productive activities without worrying about their children's care. I’m unsure how we can help here other than to create a community child-care program to enable a mother to work until 5pm or 6pm…

4. Flexible Work Arrangements: Flexible work arrangements, such as remote work or flexible hours, help single mothers balance their work and family responsibilities more effectively. If we comprise and maintain a list of businesses with and without flexible work, remote work, and at-the-business requirements, it might help those looking to better know what’s available.

5. Financial Literacy and Budgeting Skills: Providing financial education and resources to help single mothers manage their finances, budget effectively, and save for the future will contribute to long-term stability.

6. Access to Healthcare: Affordable healthcare is vital for single mothers and their children. Ensuring access to quality medical care can prevent financial setbacks due to unexpected medical expenses. All we’d want to do as the mayors office is insure that each of our residents is registered for all available health care available to them.

7. Housing Assistance: Access to safe and affordable housing is critical. Housing vouchers, transitional housing programs, and initiatives aimed at preventing homelessness can make a significant difference. My office will explore the housing based opportunities available to single mothers.

8. Mental Health Support: Single mothers often face high levels of stress. Access to mental health services, support groups, and counseling can help them manage their emotional well-being. Again, we’ll make sure all of our residents are registered in all available medicinal programs.

9. Community and Social Networks: As a community, we need to embrace our single mother neighbor as if she were family. By building strong social connections with single moms, and becoming part of her support network, we’ll provide emotional support, assistance in times of need, and access to valuable resources.

10. Legal Support: Single mothers may need legal assistance with issues such as child custody, child support, and legal rights. Providing access to legal aid will help them navigate these challenges and allow them to concentrate on their family.

11. Government Assistance Programs: Governments and local organizations often offer various assistance programs, such as housing subsidies, food assistance, and cash benefits. These programs can provide temporary relief and help bridge the gap during challenging times.

12. Entrepreneurship and Microloans: Encouraging single mothers to start small businesses or pursue entrepreneurial ventures empowers them to create their own sources of income. On a case by case basis, the community could fund the start of a new business, in town, run by 1 or more single mothers.

13. Access to Transportation: Reliable transportation is crucial for accessing job opportunities, education, and other essential services. Public transportation subsidies, assistance in obtaining and repairing a vehicle, creating a ride share and or providing a ride will help single mothers succeed. There are charities that help too, and our mission would be to help single mothers be independent through a reliable automobile.

14. Networking and Mentoring: Connecting single mothers with mentors and role models who have successfully overcome similar challenges will provide guidance and inspiration. The weekly/bi-weekly picnic/bbq offers everyone something to do if they have no plans, the kids will have games to play, and again, parents can connect and share job opportunities, etc.

15. Advocacy and Policy Changes: We can advocate for policies that address the unique needs and challenges of single mothers in our town.

  1. Prohibit Water turn off.

  2. No water bill late fee.

  3. No water bill turn-on fee.

  4. No electric late fee. We’ll talk to Duke Energy.

  5. Prohibit Garbage pickup turn-off.

  6. Not sure if this is the town or republic.

  7. No Garbage Pickup Fee.

  8. Weekly garbage pickup by town volunteers.

  9. Weekly garbage pickup by Shawn Dyke.

  10. No lawn too tall charges.

  11. The Town ordinance officer will call the mayor’s office about lawn issues instead of issuing citations, so the Mayor’s office can mow the lawn.