Joseph Valenti For Mt. Gilead Mayor
2763 NC HWY 731 EAST
Mount Gilead NC 27360
(914) 309-7718

August 15, 2023

The Mayor’s office will play a pivotal role in fostering community and social networks for single mothers and their children.

The Mayor will bring community members and single mothers together to Build strong social connections and support networks that provide emotional support, assistance in times of need, and access to valuable resources to those single mothers.

Building strong social connections and support networks takes time and consistent effort. By having an engaged Mayor’s office and actively involving single mothers in the planning and implementation of these initiatives, we’ll create a sense of ownership and ensure that the support provided is truly impactful.

Here's how I or anyone can, as Mayor, bring community members and single mothers together to build strong connections and support networks:

1. Regular Town Hall Meetings: Host town hall meetings where residents can discuss community needs, including support for single mothers. This open dialogue can lead to innovative solutions.

2. Create a Community Center or Hub: Establish a physical space where single mothers can gather, connect, and participate in various activities. This center could host workshops, support groups, and recreational events to encourage interaction and bonding.

3. Listening Sessions: Organize listening sessions specifically for single mothers to voice their concerns and needs. Use this feedback to tailor your efforts to their unique circumstances.

4. Host Networking Events: Organize events specifically designed to connect single mothers with each other and with other community members. These could include mixers, potlucks, picnics, and community fairs. "Mixers" refers to social events or gatherings where people meet and interact in a casual and relaxed environment. These events are designed to facilitate conversations, connections, and networking among attendees. Hosting mixers would involve creating opportunities for them to come together, engage in conversations, share experiences, and build relationships. Mixers can vary in format and activities, but the main goal is to encourage social interaction and the exchange of experiences and ideas.

5. Online Platforms: Develop an online platform or social media group where single mothers can communicate, share resources, and organize events. This could be a forum for discussing challenges, seeking advice, and forming connections.

6. Support Groups: Facilitate regular support group meetings where single mothers can openly discuss their experiences, share tips, and offer each other emotional support. We could bring in experts to lead discussions on relevant topics.

7. Mentoring Programs: Create mentoring programs where experienced single mothers can mentor those who are new to the challenges of single parenting. This can foster a sense of belonging and provide valuable guidance.

8. Parenting Workshops: Organize workshops on topics like parenting skills, financial literacy, career development, and mental health. These workshops can provide valuable information while also encouraging social interaction.

9. Resource Directory: Compile a comprehensive directory of local resources such as childcare services, counseling centers, food banks, and educational opportunities. Make this information easily accessible to single mothers.

10. Collaborate with Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses to offer discounts, services, or job opportunities to single mothers. This not only provides practical assistance but also promotes a sense of community support.

11. Community Projects: Initiate community projects that involve single mothers and other residents working together towards a common goal. This shared experience will strengthen bonds and create a sense of unity.

12. Community Events: Organize family-friendly events that encourage participation from all members of the community. These events can serve as opportunities for interaction and networking.

13. Volunteer Opportunities: Encourage community members to volunteer their time, skills, or resources to support single mothers. This could include providing free childcare, offering tutoring in trade skills, advice in parenting, landscaping.

14. Public Awareness Campaigns: Raise awareness about the challenges faced by single mothers through public awareness campaigns. This builds awareness and empathy and motivates community members to offer support.

15. Local Government Partnerships: Collaborate with local government agencies, nonprofits, and organizations to pool resources and expand the support available to single mothers.

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